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Outstanding Achievement Awards:

Gilles J. Frydman, President
Association of Cancer Online Resources

acor.org hosts and/or archives 69 different cancer support groups. Their site offers groups for all the common and many of the rarer cancers, and for a wide variety of other cancer-related concerns. An easy-to-use search tool makes it easy for self-helper s to find and participate in the discussions most central to their needs. acor.org also hosts a growing number of high-quality cancer related resources produced by self-help groups and by individual patients. Cooperative self-help networks like acor.org are emerging as an important new type of high-quality online health resource. I work in the online health industry and know it well. When friends ask me to recommend a site for a family member newly-diagnosed with cancer, this is where I send them.

Lawrence L. Weed, M.D.
President and Founder, PKC Corporation

Dr. Larry Weed is a pioneering visionary of Information Age health care. He deserves a Nobel Prize in Medicine--maybe two. After reinventing the patient medical record as the Problem-Oriented Medical Record and developing one of the first systems for comp uter-based patient records from 1956-1982, he set out to develop a computer-based tool, the problem-knowledge coupler, to provide just-in-time computer support to the provider and the patient as they work through the process of diagnosing and treating a n ew medical problem. His vision of a coherent health care system based on a new generation of computer tools points the way toward the next generation of medical thinking. Check out his recent article in the British Medical Journal.

Published in The Ferguson Report, Number 3, May 1999


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